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HSP Capstone

Capstone class

HSP 5000 - Health, Society & Policy Capstone (Required) (3 credits) 

Prerequisite: Senior Standing                                                                                                                                                                                   

Component: Lecture/Discussion (HSP 5000 is not a thesis, or an independent study course.)                                                                                                                                                                         

What is the capstone course?

The capstone course is the final requirement of the HSP degree. It is intended to provide a signature and unifying experience for all HSP majors. The capstone gives students an opportunity to integrate their learning from a multidisciplinary degree into the discussion of a single theme or topic. Each year, a different topic or theme is selected. A series of guest speakers representing different disciplines and industries speak about the theme during our class meetings. Recent capstone topics have included mental health, technology & health care, families & health, health care reform, and food justice.

When should I enroll in the capstone course? 

  • This 3-credit hour course is offered once a year in spring semester
  • Students should plan to take the course during their final spring
  • If students will graduate in a summer or fall semester, they may take the capstone course the previous spring
  • No permission code is required to register 
  • For students pursuing an HSP Honors degree, the HSP Capstone does not fulfill the Honors thesis, or vice versa. Both HSP 5000 and HSP 4999 (Honors Thesis) are required. 

What kind of work do we do in the capstone course? 

This is a traditional lecture course and meets twice a week, with the full group on Tuesdays and in smaller break-out groups on Thursdays. Capstone students work together in small teams to identify a health problem that is related to this theme, and then work toward developing a potential policy solution. This policy project integrates a student’s academic learning, but also provides a bridge to the types of careers and opportunities that students may have upon graduation. During the capstone course, students also complete assignments where they reflect on what their interdisciplinary degree has taught them and how they want to professionally define themselves as they transition into the next phase of their career and training after graduation. All assignments are assembled into an e-portfolio or digital resume.

Recent capstone final projects:


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