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Rebecca Higham

Rebecca HighamI double majored in Health, Society & Policy and Sociology. I got involved with research including the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research with my faculty mentor, Akiko Kamimura. I hope to continue my education by getting a Master’s in Public Health. Majoring in Health, Society & Policy prepared me to continue my education as well as preparing me for a career in Public Health. 

I am interested in topics relating to global health, diseases, and health outcomes among underserved populations. I hope to have an occupation that will allow me to continue studying public health and help those in need.

When I first transferred to the U, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study. I looked at all of the majors at the U and the HSP major caught my attention. I decided that HSP was the best decision for me and I have loved it ever since. I loved how it gives you a chance to take classes from multiple areas, all focusing on different topics of human health, health care, and social policy.

Last Updated: 3/31/21