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Grace Mason

Grace MasonI am studying Political Science and Health, Society & Policy through the Honors College. In my time as a first year, I served the University as a member of two ASUU Boards (Government Relations and Student Advocacy), the Bennion Center’s First Year Service Corps, Students for Choice, The Daily Utah Chronicle, Allied Students for Contraception, and previously as a writer for Her Campus.  

As a student research assistant with the OBGYN Research Network and the Family Planning Division I've deepened my understanding of reproductive justice and the history of contraceptive care across the nation. With the help of the Family Planning Division, I am currently conducting personal research that intends to improve campus-wide health by expanding sexual and reproductive healthcare and education by means of a coalition of allied student groups and campus organizations known as the Campus Contraceptive Initiative.

When I grow up, I want to advocate for the reproductive freedoms for families to choose if, when, and how they would like to have children. Through work as a researcher and a lawyer, I seek to inform and protect the rights of the most intimate human experiences. I believe that the fight for reproductive rights requires both scientific inquiry as well as a thorough understanding of public policy and civic activism in order to establish programs to better reproductive healthcare. 

I chose Health Society & Policy alongside Political Science in order to gain a well-rounded experience in the interconnected fields of public health to learn how policy impacts the community and how these decisions in turn impact the health of the community as a whole. I believe that HSP and PoliSci inspire students to make the change that is needed in the world in real time with the multitude of resources provided by their education at the University of Utah. 


Last Updated: 3/31/21