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Elizabeth Eugenie Izampuye

Elizabeth IzampuyeI am a Health, Society & Policy and International Studies double major. I was able to expand my knowledge of global and public health issues by joining the Global Health Scholars program and participating in the University of Utah’s first Global Health Case Competition, in which my team and I placed second for our proposal on helping decrease the spread of malaria in Ghana. I also got more exposure to various underserved and underrepresented populations through participating in the First Year Service Corps and the Community Health alternative spring break trip in Vancouver, Canada.

I would love to combine my interest in learning about the human body with my desire to provide as much humanitarian work as possible, into a career in health care research and promotion. Working with organizations such as the United Nations or World Health Organization, or a nonprofit humanitarian aid organization, would be ideal. I am excited about the extensive and diverse classes the HSP major offers because they allow me to challenge any preconceived notions I have about societal health issues, as well as learn from students and faculty from multidisciplinary fields.

Before choosing the HSP major, I didn’t realize how multi-disciplinary the health field is, as I only paid attention to the treating patients in hospitals aspect of it. I soon realized that the Health, Society & Policy major aims to teach practical lessons; like how one's overall health is impacted by prevention and treatment, social constructs and stigmas, and policy-making and implementation. I have come to appreciate all the ample opportunities presented to me to learn about the various community health issues and policies impacting myself and those around me.

Last Updated: 3/31/21