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christoph frausto

Christoph FraustoI graduated from the University of Utah with a double BS in Anthropology with a Health Emphasis and Health, Society & Policy. I wanted to take all that I learned from these majors, and the work experiences I had accumulated over the span of my Undergraduate Career, and apply them to Disability Studies/Medicine, and Applied Ethics under the arch of Applied Medical Anthropology and Public Health. Currently, I am a Dual-Master’s candidate at Oregon State University, receiving an MA in Applied Medical Anthropology and (because of the HSP Major) an MPH in Health Management and Policy. My research, which began and was well-nourished at the U of U, examines and measures the perceptions from healthcare providers across the spectrum towards their disabled patients, and measures how these perceptions either increase or decrease overall life expectancy. In the long run, I would like to implement policies in group-homes and long-term care facilities which create Ethics Boards that are specific to the needs of patients with Intellectual and Cognitive Disabilities. 

 At Oregon State University, I am also working closely with local non-profits and healthcare providers to assess levels of intervention and programs/procedures that are culturally informed, culturally aware, and culturally sensitive; this allows providers to understand how sociocultural determinants of health are ever present, particularly in ethnic and minority populations, and how access to these frameworks of understanding can establish better patient-provider relationships as well as patient-fidelity to health treatment plans.


Last Updated: 3/31/21