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chloe garner

Chloe GarnerAs a pre-med student freshman year, I had hoped to find a major that wouldn't pigeonhole me into a particular field. HSP has done the opposite of that. After graduating with an Honors Degree in HSP and minors in Art History and Pediatric Research, I will be working full time as a consultant for Cerner, a health information technology company, before attending graduate school.

This degree afforded me unparalleled learning opportunities, such as a Hinckley Internship in Washington DC at the Department of Health and Human Services or writing my thesis on patient privacy and database security for emerging health IT, allowed for flexibility in my college courses, and exposed me to new views and ideas every day. I know my college experience would not have been the same without this major and I can't thank [the HSP program] enough for their time, attention, and hard work throughout my time at the U.


Last Updated: 3/31/21