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Brixton Ellsworth

Brixton Ellsworth

I am a Health, Society & Policy and Psychology double major, with minors in Nutrition, and Health; and an Applied Certificate in Positive Psychology. I am also an inducted member of the Sigma Alpha Pi and Psi Chi Honor Societies.

I began my studies at the University of Utah after a number of years on the road, touring and playing music professionally in various bands. I always knew I wanted to eventually go into the mental health field, but when I was introduced to the HSP program by an advisor, I was immediately enthralled, both by the field itself and the custom framework the major offered.

 Since then, my path through the program has given me a deeper appreciation for culture and perspective, and an increased understanding of the injustices that have plagued our nation for many years. It has provided me numerous opportunities to work with public officials, authors, and nonprofit organizations, both in discussion and community-based settings. My research has allowed me to work toward addressing the stigma surrounding mental health, as a means to improve current policy and the overall wellness of others.

My time in the HSP program has strengthened my resolve to pursue further attainment in the field of educational psychology, with the goal of helping others personally and professionally within the health care field.

Last Updated: 3/31/21