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Abbey Gates

Abbey GatesI graduated with dual majors in Health, Society & Policy and Honors Political Science. When I first started attending the University of Utah, I was unsure as to what major to pursue. I was in the process of deciding whether I would continue school to become a doctor or a lawyer but knowing that I definitely wanted to obtain a second degree left my options for an undergraduate major fairly open. I had a love for the social and behavioral sciences and found certain aspects of sociology, psychology and economics intriguing. As soon as I learned about HSP, I knew it was a perfect fit. It allowed me to combine my love for all of these disciplines, as well as my love for health and policy.

Once I decided to major in HSP, I was presented with a plethora of amazing opportunities. One such opportunity was the chance to become a fellow for Project Embrace. Project Embrace is a student startup medical nonprofit that collects used medical devices and donates them to communities in need. Since completing my fellowship, I have been hired on as the director of operations, where I’ve been able to utilize the knowledge I’ve gained while pursuing my degree.

I have also had the opportunity to intern for Congresswoman Mia Love in Washington, D.C. As an intern, I attended multiple staff briefings discussing health care policy. What I’ve learned as an HSP major allowed me to add to the discussion and come away from the internship with a better understanding of the many issues currently facing our nation.

These opportunities as well as the classes I’ve taken towards my degree have helped me to determine a career path. Directly following my undergraduate education, I plan to work on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., specializing in health care policy, after which I plan to attend law school where I will study health law. With my law degree, I desire to use my education and experience to serve on a hospital or nonprofit legal counsel, where I will work to enact change within the field of health.

Last Updated: 3/31/21