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Health, Society and Policy Undergraduate Program

This undergraduate major emphasis, formerly Behavioral Science and Health, consists of a curriculum leading to a B.S. or B.A. through the College of Social and Behavioral Science. The major emphasis is interdisciplinary in nature and interdepartmental in structure, and includes an optional practical experience in a community health setting. Substantive courses from a variety of fields (epidemiology, behavioral sciences, research methods and quantitative skills, administration, philosophy, and history) provide a coherent perspective on health care in its various social and administrative contexts. The program provides students with skills appropriate to research and administrative positions in public and private health care settings. It also offers academic flexibility and breadth for those desiring dual majors or wishing to enter graduate and professional programs in the behavioral sciences, medicine, public health, health services administration, law, or other areas.

There are no prerequisites for admission into the program but several classes do have prerequisites (see the University General Catalog for more information). Students should declare the major with the advisor.

Major Requirements (Printable Version)


HSP 1001 Introduction to HSP (1) (strongly recommended, fall first half)


A. Research Methods and Statistics (choose one set of two classes)
ECON 3620 Mathematics for Economists (3) [QI] Prerequisites: MATH 1090 (preferred) or MATH 1050, ECON 2010 and ECON 2020 
ECON 3640 Probability and Statistics (3) [QB] Prerequisites: MATH 1090 (preferred) or MATH 1050, ECON 2010 and ECON 2020


FCS 3200 Research Methods in FCS (4)
FCS 3210 Statistics in FCS (4) [QB, QI]


PSY 3000 Statistics in Psych (4) [QB, QI] Prerequisites: PSY 1010, MATH 1030 
PSY 3010 Research Methods in Psych (4) [QI, CW] Prerequisites: PSY 1010, PSY 3000


SOC 3111 Research Methods in Soc (3)
SOC 3112 Social Statistics (4) [QB, QI]


B. Social Epidemiology (required)
SOC 3673 Social Epidemiology (3) [QB, QI] 


C. Ethics and Values (choose one)
PHIL 3310 Science and Society (3) [HF]
PHIL 3510 Business and Professional Ethics (3) [HF]
PHIL 3520 Bioethics (3) [HF]

PHIL 3370 Philosophy of Biology (3)



A. Biological and Environmental Matrix of Health (choose one)

ANTH 4133 Maternal and Child Health (3)

ANTH 4291 Evolution of Human Health (3)
ENVST 2050 Intro to Environmental and Sustainability Science (3) [SF]

GEOG 3090 Intro to Medical Geography (3)
H EDU 3700 Environmental Health (3)
NUTR 1020 Scientific Foundations of Nutrition and Health (3) [AS]


B. Lifestyle: The Individual, Culture, and Society
(choose two, not from the same department)

ANTH 4193 Medical Anthropology (3)
FCS 5430 Families, Consumers, and Health (3)
FCS 5630/6630 Healthy Communities (3)
GERON 5001 Introduction to Aging (3)
H EDU 5370 Health and Optimal Aging (3)
H EDU 3050 Community Health Issues (3) [BF]
PSY 3460 Introductory Health Psychology (3) Prerequisite: PSY 1010

ENVST 5558 Food for Justice, Health, & Sustainability (3) No prerequistes for HSP students. Permission code needed to register.

SOC 3610 Gender, Sexuality & Health (3)
SOC 3671 Sociology of Health (3) (Recommended) 

 C. Global Perspectives on Health (choose one)
BIOL 3460 Global Environmental Issues (3) [IR, SF]
PBHLT 4500 Public Health, A Global Perspective (3) [IR]
H EDU 5060 International Health Promotion (3) [IR]
SOC 3650 Population & Society (3) [IR, QI, QB]

SOC 4674 Global Health (3) [IR]



A. Economics of Health (choose one, ECON 3190 recommended for most students)
ECON 3190 Introduction to Health Economics (3) (Recommended)
ECON 5190 Health Economics (3)


B. Politics, Policy, and Administration (choose two)
H EDU 4310 Health Promotion/Marketing (3) or
MKTG 3000 Marketing Vision (3)

H EDU 4790 Health Services Administration (3) or
POLS 3300 Introduction to Public Administration Prerequisite: POLS 1100

H EDU 5100 Health Care in the United States (3)
MGT 3000 Principles of Management (3)
POLS 3320 Introduction to Public Policy and Analysis (3)
POLS 3380 Politics and Budgets (3)
POLS 5321 Health Policy (3)

POLS 5324 Disability Studies (3) [DV]

POLS 5570 Management of Nonprofit Organizations (3)
FCS 5450 Nonprofit Community Organizations (3)


V. ELECTIVE (required, choose one)
Choose one additional course from III or IV (3) or
SOC 3769 Social Disparities in Health (3) [DV] or

WRTG 4905 Studies in Professional Discourses (3) [CW] 


HSP 4999 Honors Thesis/Project (3)
(restricted to students in the Honor's College)

SBS 5900 CSBS Internship (1-6)
(Two semester maximum, 3 credit hour limit per semester)

Independent Research (1-6) (arrange with individual departments)


VII. CAPSTONE (required, spring semester only)
HSP 5000 Health, Society & Policy Capstone (3)
(Open to seniors only, juniors with permission, take in your final spring semester)


Total Hours: 39-50

The lowest grade to count towards the major is a C-.

At least 18 credit hours of HSP courses must be taken at the U.

No additional allied hours are required for this major.

Check your progress regularly by running a degree audit report in CIS.

Courses taken from the Business School require additional fees.

[Square Brackets] indicate courses that fulfill the general education and bachelor degree requirements.

[QB] = Quantitative Reasoning: Statistics or Logic
[QI] = Quantitative Intensive
[CW] = Upper Division Communication Writing
[HF] = Humanities Foundation
[SF] = Science Foundation
[AS] = Applied Science
[BF] = Behavioral Foundation (waived since HSP is in the College of Social and Behavioral Science)
[IR] = International Requirement
[DV] = Diversity Requirement


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