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Students and Alumni of HSP


Sydney Boogaard

I am double majoring in Health, Society & Policy; and Environmental & Sustainability Studies. I have had the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities and internships. I am a member of the Sustainability Leaderships Committee, an Ambassador for the College of Social & Behavioral Science...

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Nandini Deo

Before Health, Society & Policy; I spent two years studying Chemical Engineering. During that time, I was able to do clean air research. Surprisingly, I became most fascinated by the health implications associated with high pollution areas. The more I learned about the complex problems that surround us, the more I wanted to study the social infrastructure those problems live inside, as well as human-centric solutions.  [more info]


Jessie Duarte

My name is Jessie Duarte and I am a senior majoring in Health, Society & Policy. I am a first generation college student from Rose Park. My goal is to one day go to med school. The classes I’ve taken for the major have taught me a lot about the social, economic, and environmental determinants of health. 

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Brixton Ellsworth

I am an HSP and Psychology double major, with minors in Nutrition and Health, and an Applied Certificate in Positive Psychology. I am also an inducted member of the Sigma Alpha Pi and Psi Chi Honor Societies.I began my studies at the University of Utah after a number of years on the road, touring and playing music professionally in various bands. 



Stormy Foster-Palmer

I am an HSP major with a minor in International Studies, with an anticipated graduation date of May 2019. Throughout my undergraduate experience I have worked as a Neuromuscular Research Assistant at the School of Medicine, interned for Utahns Against Hunger doing food policy research, and with Utah Foundation doing public policy research on prison drug rehabilitation programs and suicide. 


Jessica Fulmer

When I finally made up my mind that I wanted to go to medical school, the first task I had was to choose what bachelor's degree I would pursue.  I heard about the Health, Society, and Policy degree from my pre-med advisor, who thought I might be interested in taking a look at it.  

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afesa adams

Abbey Gates

I am currently working towards an honors degree in Political Science and Health, Society, and Policy. When I first started attending the University of Utah, I was unsure as to what major to pursue. I was in the process of deciding whether I would continue school to become a doctor or a lawyer but knowing that I definitely wanted to obtain a second degree left my options for an undergraduate major fairly open. [more info]



Rebecca Higham

I am an HSP and Sociology major, with an anticipated graduation date of Spring 2019. I transferred to the University of Utah last year and will be starting my second year at the U in the fall. I have recently gotten involved with research and am currently apart of the Summer Program for Undergraduate Research under my faculty mentor Akiko Kamimura.  [more info]


Elizabeth Eugenie Izampuye

I am a HSP and International Studies major and plan to graduate on May 2021. Last year I was able to expand my knowledge of global and public health issues by joining the Global Health Scholars program and participating in the University of Utah’s first Global Health Case Competition, in which my team and I placed 2nd for our proposal on helping decrease the spread of malaria in Ghana.  [more info]


Jeff Johnson

In 2015, I found myself stuck at the ultimate crossroads of my life. I was a 27-year old college Junior, and felt that I was headed down the wrong path. I was confused, lost, depressed, and frustrated. After a steady decline in academic performance, I knew I could not continue down that path, nor did I want to. I battled in my head over what to do, but eventually made the difficult decision to drop out of school. [more info]

 Noelia Juarez

I am an HSP and Sociology major, with an anticipated graduation date of Spring 2019. As an undergrad, I have had the opportunity to participate in research and present my findings at the Undergraduate Research Symposium as well as the CSBS Student Research Day. I was even able to publish my research in an academic journal! 

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Zoe Kozlowski

I will be graduating this May with an Honors HSP Degree. This spring I will be completing my thesis, "Assessing the Contraceptive Needs of Homeless Women in Salt Lake City" and I plan to continue my research following graduation. In my time at the University of Utah, I have worked as a University Ambassador, a Hinckley Intern at Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C., and currently serve as the ASUU Vice President of University Relations. [more info]


Mili Langi

I am a second-generation Tongan-American, who grew up in worlds at odds: the serene beaches of Hawaii and the secure mountains of Utah. The dichotomy of having one foot on land (America) and one on Sea (Islands) is reflective of my personal and academic journey. The pull of Sea binds me to my Tongan heritage, a way of life centered on caring for family and community through the ebbs and flows of life.

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Jennifer Luckau

My name is Jennifer Luckau. I am a mother of two and a “non-traditional student” (which just means I am old enough to be called “mom” by many of my classmates). My path to the HSP degree has been a long and winding one and begins when I graduated high school in 1998 with plans to enroll in college that fall. [more info]


Grace Mason

My name is Grace Mason and I am a rising second year student at the University of Utah studying Political Science and Health, Society and Policy through the Honors College. In my time as a first year, I have served the University as a member of two ASUU Boards (Government Relations and Student Advocacy), the Bennion Center’s First Year Service Corps, Students for Choice, The Daily Utah Chronicle, Allied Students for Contraception, and previously as a writer for Her Campus.  [more info]


Hailey McLean

I am a Health, Society, and Policy major with a Sociology minor, planning to graduate in Fall of 2018. Throughout my undergraduate education I have had the opportunity to pursue a lot of different volunteering experiences. I have been involved with Connect2Heath which allowed me to work with individuals experiencing homelessness at 4th St. Clinic. 

Samuel O’Brien

I discovered my interest in public health during my first medical mission to Haiti in 2010. Our group brought supplies to an orphanage and set up temporary clinics in five villages. We also provide support for a nursing school in Port-au-Prince. During this trip and another in 2014, I was exposed to the difficulties of providing medical care in a developing country.

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Elaine Peterson

I have graduated from the University of Utah in 2001, with a major in “Behavioral Science and Health” currently named as “Health society and policy”.  Since leaving the U, I worked as Program Manager, Academics for University of Utah Health Care, School of Medicine Dept. of Ophthalmology. I am Planning to retire in June 2019.



Leslie Salamanca-Sotelo

I am an HSP and Sociology major, with an anticipated graduation date of 2021.  I have done a whole lot of really cool things as an undergrad such as conducting a research study with my hometown health department to better understand the healthcare needs and resources that different populations, emphasizing on the Latinx community, have access to while taking into account different socio-economic factors within the community.





 Jordan Scarr

I am an HSP and Sociology major, with an anticipated graduation date of 2019.  I have done a whole lot of really cool things as an undergrad, most of which have come from being an HSP major! I’ve been fortunate enough to serve as a Bennion Center program director with The Road Home and Primary Children’s Medical Center... [more info]


Austin Waters

Throughout my Honors HSP degree I was able to pursue my passion for community engagement and population health while honing my skills in research, program management, and capacity building. As I began my Honors HSP degree, I began to get involved in programs like Connect2Health, Hotspotting and the Bennion Center which led me to my passion of infusing community into public health and medicine

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